Monday, November 8, 2010

We're Still In the Game!!

Things went pretty well at the RE today.  Less follies than he'd like but still 5-6 that were "measurable".  I thought my ovaries were going to pop while he did the u/s, really.  I am still doing 300 Gonal-f and 75 Menopur w/ no Lupron and I'll go back on Wednesday, so it's looking like a Friday retrieval or later since we need 36 hours after trigger and they always to retrievals in the morning, which is fine with me.  I am excited and scared and I really don't want to work.  So much so that I forgot my computer today and am working with a loaner.  Yuck!  So much to do.  I wanted to check in though!  Thanks for checking!



  1. Awesome! I'm still hoping for you!

  2. that's great news emby! looking forward to a great blog post from you tomorrow!