Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keeping It Positive

I have been keeping a positive attitude.  I agree with my commenters and my husband that I need to just focus on what the RE said to me personally more than what the nurse said.  Plus, I really feel like things are going on down there.  My pants aren't tight or anything but I am definitely feeling some "different-ness" in that area.  I am not upset that my pants aren't tight or taking that as a bad sign because I am aware that I have less eggs that a lot of people do. Even if my follicles get huge, it still won't feel as bad as someone with 21 eggs.  But I would say I am feeling mild discomfort.  Last night I went to a member of my small group's house for a bonfire for our small group and I was holding one of my friend's just over one-year-old.  He's so cute, he kept taking off my hat and then wanting me to put it back on so he could take it off again.  Anyway, I am getting off subject - well, afterwards, I was thinking I wished I hadn't because it made me feel a little more uncomfortable.  I am looking forward to tomorrow because I just can't stand the wait any longer.  I am going to kick up the prayers tonight for sure. 


  1. good! relax and let those embies (i know, easier said than done!) do their thing! thinking of you! fingers crossed for a great report tomorrow! post as soon as you know!

  2. It sounds weird to say, but I am glad you are feeling discomfort! I hope tomorrow goes well!