Saturday, December 31, 2011

IUI - Check & High Hopes for 2012

Well, the IUI is done.  My doctor was taking a day off, so I met a new doctor in the practice who did my IUI.  The speculum application was not fun.  It pinched me then hurt so bad when she put it back in that she declared I needed a smaller one.  It was much better.  Why can't they always use that smaller speculum?  I think I will ask about that when I go for my ob/gyn visit in Feb.

I am doing my Circle + Bloom every day (twice yesterday, after the IUI) and praying that this is it.  If this isn't it, we are faced with IVF again, which none of us wants, including my doctor.  But, we aren't going to have to even think about it because this is going to work.

2012 is going to be my year for a take-home baby.  I have three months to make that statement come true.  Hopefully, I won't have to do anything else to make it happen.  I am starting Prometrium tonight, BTW.

We are going out to an early dinner with friends from church tonight. None of us wants to be tired tomorrow at church.  So, we aren't doing our usual get-together and game night.  I really don't need to over-tire myself anyway.

I hope you all have a safe and happy evening.  May 2012 bring you many blessings and allow you many opportunities to glorify God.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another IUI In The Works

Hello all,

Well, we have another IUI in the works.  After I took a month off, I was in the office, ready to start another IUI last month and when we started counting days and realized that the day we would most likely need to do the IUI would be the same day we were having my family over and then from there going to the house of our head deacon at church for a Christmas party for the elders and deacons.  I discussed it with the NP and my nurse and we all agreed that I'd be too stressed out so we put it off until this month.

Day 1 was last Saturday, Dec. 17.  Today is day 11.  I took 10 mcg of on day 4 and 5 for 3 days after that. From Dec 22-26, I took 75 units of Menopur (which burned like crazy this month).  I went back to the doctor today.  I have one substantial follicle on the right side which is 25mm.  I saw a few tiny ones on the left side, but the Dr didn't bother measuring them.  My lining is 7.5mm.  They did bw to check my estrogen and gave me a low-dose HCG shot and gave me a couple to take home. 

I heard from my nurse and she said that my estrogen was 111, which she thought was good.  The last IUI, it was 115 on day 10, but the follicles were smaller (and there were two, I think).  I am going to do another shot of low does HCG tomorrow morning and we will trigger with Ovidrel tomorrow night.  We'll do the IUI on Friday morning. 

I read online that the follicle is what is creating the estrogen and that they want your estrogen to be 150-200 per follicle.  Last time I had more than one and it was 115, this time I have one and it is 111.  But, there are those other small ones.  I just don't know how to think about that.  I am doing my Circle + Bloom every day.  I am trying to stay positive and relaxed.  Of course, it is Christmas time so I am eating lots of junk food, so that might be my undoing.  I have been off work since last Thursday, so I am as relaxed as I can get without going on vacation to the beach again.  I believe this will work.  I have to.  I also have another funny tidbit.  As I was driving to the doctor's office this morning, I realized that the tag number on the car in front of me as I was about to get off the interstate had the first three letters as "BFP".  It made me smile.

So, my question is - how fast does your estrogen go up every day?  I am praying that my one little follicle is mature.