Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Results Are In

I had my monitoring scan today.  3 on the left less than 8mm; 3 on the right less than 8mm; lining a 3.  Estrogen 108.  I think that the number of follicles is less than they wanted to see, so they have upped my Gonal-f from 187 per night to 225 per night, still doing 5 units Lupron and 75 Menopur.  I hope this does the job. I ordered more Gonal-f since I'll be using one every 2 days now.  That stuff is SO expensive.  But, it will be worth it when we get pregnant this time.  :)

I had acupuncture today too and he puts a needle between my eyes (he kind of pinches the skin then pushes it at a downward angle, so it's kind of parallel to my forehead.  Anyway, that one gave me a headache today.  I was so glad I didn't plan to go back to work because I still have a headache and I took an hour-long nap when I got home!  I woke up to a 15 pound cat putting all his weight on my stomach with one little paw.  Ouch.  But, it was sweet that he wanted to check on me.  His brother had already taken the spot next to my legs and out new little girl kitty had to jump up there too to get in on the action.  Sweetest.kitties.ever.


  1. Aw, what sweet little kitties! I love cats.

  2. grow follies, grow!!!

    man, kitties do the best job of making you feel awesome, huh? mine was interrupting yoga last night and she was being so cute, i just had to stop and pet the heck out of her. :)