Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trigger Tonight

So I had lots of mature-looking follies so I am going to trigger tonight.  I didn't get the counts and sizes today because they left me in the room waiting for 15 minutes and by the time he did the u/s, I had to pee.  So, the u/s was very uncomfortable - more so than usual. 

The dr. said Saturday's retrieval should be "eggs"ceptional.  ha. ha.

I do not want to be at work today.  I am hating work right now anyway and having this all going on makes me very unmotivated and distracted.

The good news is that when the nurse drew my smiley face yesterday for the HCG trigger, she said I only needed a 1 inch needle and gave me a couple of those.  I feel much less stressed about the trigger now.  The bad news is that now I am focused on the IV and the retrieval and even more stressed.  I hope my husband can stay with me right up until they take me into the retrieval room b/c I am going to be a mess, I am sure.

Acupuncture tomorrow afternoon. 
I need to focus on being positive. 
I need to focus on the gospel and Christ's love.


  1. eggsceptional! haha!

    congrats! the trigger won't be that bad. i promise you'll hardly feel it. i did mine in my upper arm. maybe you could consider that? (you'd need a smaller needle though.) sort of felt like a flu shot. butt is easy too - you will hardly notice.

    and the ER won't be too bad either. you just have to make it through the IV and next thing you know you'l wake up and it will all be over! hang in there! i'll post about my ER tomorrow to help you prepare for yours. i'm not nervous, but i guess it helps that i've been through it before.

    you're almost there!