Saturday, November 13, 2010

Egg Retrieval

My egg retrieval was this morning.  I am doing pretty well.  I really want to sleep but I can't.  We got 9 eggs!   I am excited but a little nervous about the fertilization report tomorrow.  I have had some pain, but not anywhere near as much as I expected.  I have taken Tylenol twice and been drinking a lot of water.  My husband felt like his part went pretty successfully.  I am always worried about that, too.  We want lots of little swimmers!  I am really praying that we are successful and don't have to go through this again.  We'll find out on Monday whether we're having a day 3 or a day 5 transfer (so that's Tuesday or Thursday).

I have decided to not go to church tomorrow morning for a few reasons.  First, I want to make sure I am feeling okay.  Next, I don't want to miss the call for my fertilization report.  Lastly, it's our niece's 9th birthday tomorrow and we're going out to Marietta to celebrate her birthday tomorrow after church and I want to feel well-rested and able to go to that since we won't see them at Thanksgiving and I want to see her open her gifts.

Here is my take on today:

I feel like the anesthetist should be replaced.  She put the IV in the crook of my arm and I really didn't think they usually did that since people generally like to bend their arms and all (not that I'm a medical person or anything, but really...).  Then, she kept lecturing me on how I needed to work on my anxiety issues because I was making things much more complicated and dramatic than they needed to be.  Because that's going to make me feel more calm and taken care of.  I wanted to suggest that she shut up and do her job and let me sit there and hyperventilate and pass out.  As I walked over to the procedure room she said, "We're here to take care of you and you don't trust us."  That was probably the understatement of the day.  I have spent most of my life being told that doctors can't be trusted and medical people will run all over you.  My mom had a near fatal car accident when I was 5 and she eventually had so many surgeries over the years and was in so much pain she committed suicide (when I was 19).  That's all I've ever heard is that doctors don't think of us as real people.  I have worked very hard to not believe that.  I don't necessarily think it's the doctors that act that way for the most part, personally.  I think it's the support staff (some of them, definitely not all - I've met some really caring MAs, nurses, and NPs).  There were two nurses who were super nice but the first person we met really needed to work on her bedside manner.  I think she was a nurse, but I am not sure because she never even introduced herself to us.  We had been told to get there at 7 and got there just at 7 and had someone from the back area let us in and we sat for about 20 minutes waiting for someone from the IVF area to get there.  Then, she just wasn't very...I don't know...but she made me feel automatically nervous and defensive.  Then, apparently there was a communication issue, so the doctor was not there until about 8:15, 15 minutes after my "perfectly timed retrieval" was supposed to start.

The positive is that it's over.  I can lay back down and try to sleep again because it feels much better when I am laying on my side than when I am sitting up.

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  1. Nine is great! I'm sorry the procedure didn't go all that well. I hope the rest of this cycle is smooth sailing.