Friday, November 19, 2010

Embryo Update

Well, here they are, our three little embryos that were transferred on Tuesday, in all their 4-celled glory!

It's been almost a week since my egg retrieval and 3 days since my 3dt.  I do feel like this week has flown by.  I definitely have mixed emotions.

I am still feeling very tender in the ovary area.  When I have to pee, it is pretty painful.  I have been constipated, which is irritating.  The RE told me to take Colace and it has been helping some, but it is causing some stomach pains.  Some of them are really strong.  At least, I guess that's what that is. 

The RE's office called this morning and told me that the 4 embryos that they were watching, the ones that arrested then started growing again, had stopped growing and they were not intending to freeze any of them.  I thought that I had prepared myself for that, but I felt just as crushed as I did the first time they told us they'd stopped growing on day 2.  Four little lives ended.  Also, now all of our eggs are in one basket, literally.  I really hope at least one of these embryos feels as attached to me as I do to them. 

Then, I got in my car today to leave and my RE had called and left me a message.  Like the actual doctor.  He was just calling to check on me.  I was kind of sad I missed the call. 

So, we're just praying.  We're praying for God's will to be done.  I am trying to trust in the Lord and rest in the truth that His plan is the very best thing for me, no matter what my will is.  I am praying that I can glorify him through this whole process.


  1. Praying that the 2ww speeds by and you get your BFP!

  2. Those are beautiful embryos! I hope we get to see pictures of at least one of them grown up into a baby.

  3. yay! such a beautiful trio! snuggle in lil guys!

    i'm glad you thought this week flew by. 2WW can so often draaaaag on!

    sorry none of your lil guys made it to freeze, but focus on the ones inside you because i bet you won't even need any frozen ones!

    thinking of you!

  4. Thanks everyone! I am really hopeful that at least one of them will grow into a healthy baby!

    Jess, do you have a blog. When I click on your name in the comments, it only gives me a list of blogs you follow. I'd love to read your blog if you have one!

  5. they are so beautiful and they fill me with so much hope! i hope all goes well for you and you get a BFP!!