Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and New Years

I want to start this post off by saying thanks to everyone for the comments.  We have picked a therapist and I am planning to make an appointment with him after the beginning of the year.  I still have not heard back from my RE about the antiovarian antibodies test they did.  So, I am going to have to give them a call. 

I went for an appointment with my acupuncturist today and he didn't charge me!  My back has been hurting so he focused on that and gave me an adjustment because he has training in chiropractic treatment as well.  He gave me a massage and it felt so good...he is pretty aggressive, but sometimes that is what it takes!

We had a really nice Christmas!  We went to our Christmas Eve service at our church.  My in-laws came and we went to IHOP afterwards.  Then, we went to my husband's extended family gathering, which is at his cousins' house that live pretty close to us, on Christmas day.  It's always good to see everyone that comes to that.  The day after Christmas, we went to my husband's sister's house with his parents and did our gift exchange.  We both got some good gifts.

Yesterday, I went shopping with two of my girlfriends.  It was a lot of fun.  We all got some very good deals.  I am always interested in the semi-annual sales at Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle.  But, the mall we went to has a whole store devoted to BBW candles, so I didn't even go to Yankee.  I was so proud of myself for avoiding that one store.  The Loft had 50% off your entire purchase!  I could have gotten carried away, but even at 50% off, that stuff is still kind of expensive.  I got two sweaters, a pair of slacks, and a pair of tights for $100.  I got my hubby a super cute sweater at Banana Republic.  I cannot pass that store without checking out the men's clearance rack.  Old Navy jeans were $15/pair!  Well, I know you don't want all the details of my shopping trip, but obviously I am still riding on the post-shopping high!

So, what is everyone doing for New Years?  We are going to some friends' house with our small group from church.  We are going to eat lots of good food, play fun games, and hang out.  I am making my famous non-alcoholic margaritas (it's lime-aid, sprite, and ice blended together).  Then, on New Year's Day, we are celebrating Christmas with my dad and his wife and my sister and her husband. 

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!  Be safe and warm!


  1. Hehe, for New Year's, Matt and I tend to go to bed at our regular time, and then wake up at midnight to comfort trembling dogs. This is our fourteenth(?) New Years together, and we've only done something interesting ONCE.

  2. Sounds like you got awesome deals! We are still trying to decide what to do for New years.... we recently moved to Portland, so we have not made very many friends yet. If it was up to me I would stay home, but it would literally kill my husband if we did that. One year I feel asleep at like 10-- and he still has not forgiven me :)
    Hope your new year celebration is wonderful- Hoping for good things for you in 2011!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful xmas:) We are just being bums the entire weekend...Pretty exciting arent we? Im just wanting to stay in this year..scares me to be on the road with all the other people when prego..Just not worth the risk...Well hopefully your Dr. will call you soon...Just love the waiting game..NOT...Ok girlie have a Happy New Year!!!1

  4. A shopping trip that is awesome is so therapeutic!

    I am glad you enjoyed your Christmas...My New Year's eve was filled with food, family and a great movie.

    P.S....I got here from the ICLW comment you left for me!