Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still Here

I am still here.  I have been avoiding the blog-land lately.  I have a story to tell from our follow up with the RE but I am not ready to tell it yet.  I don't know how.  But, until then, I hope that everyone stays safe and warm.  We have had some snow today and when I woke up this morning the weather man said we'd already had our high.  I looked at our indoor-outdoor thermometer and it said 44 degrees F.  Have I mentioned that I live in GA?!  Nothing is sticking yet, but I hate the idea of it.  I love snow and it also scares me.  I feel that excited feeling I always felt when I was a kid and I love the beauty of it.  But, now that I am all grown up, I also realize the danger or driving to work at 6 in the morning with all the other GA drivers who don't know how to drive in the snow.  It's 27 degrees F right now. Brrrr...

But, I digress.  I hope that everyone enjoys the weather and stays safe.  :)


  1. It snowed here too and there was just a little bit of sticking on the grass and the rooftops!

  2. So sorry that it sounds like maybe you didnt get the best new from your RE:( If you need anything know I as a bloggie friend am here...

    As far as snow goes...Im from Central IL and we had a few inches last weekend and a blizzard this weekend...And its been a mess driving in it:( Last weekend was my shower and abt 20 out of 70 people were there because of the weather and this weekend was supposed to be my second one but we had to cancel...and all my Dr's are like 60min away and not really good roads so its been pretty rough:( and I was pretty bummed abt the showers just because we have waited so long to celebrate this little miracle and both have been a flop:(

  3. Hope you are hanging in there. It is freezing here in VA as well! High in the 20's is for the birds!!