Monday, October 4, 2010

Things Are Looking Down

So, I start spotting today.  I went for acupuncture and the acunpunturist told me to come home and take a HPT and to take one again in the morning if it was negative.  He said if it was positive to try to come see him again tomorrow.  Well, it was negative.  I'll try again tomorrow morning b/c I know that the HPT is more likely to get an early positive with the first morning urine.  Things are not looking great.  I am feeling really down about this.  What to do?


  1. I was hoping you'd update today. I'm sorry it isn't looking good. I'm not giving up hope though, it is still early and I had early spotting with Elizabeth.

  2. i'm sorry you don't have better news to share today. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that tomorrow will bring better news! (and thank for adding me to your blogroll!)