Saturday, October 16, 2010

We Have A Plan

So, my husband and I were at the RE for about 3 hours on Friday morning.  I had my saline ultrasound, which was a little painful, but not too bad.  They checked my prolactin level because they couldn't find that I'd ever had that done (I thought I had, but couldn't say when or by whom).  Now that I think of it, they never called me with those results.  I guess I'll be calling them on Monday.  They did an updated SA on my husband (which they also did not call us about).  I have been taking BCPs since the 8th and I will begin doing Lupron injections on Sunday.  I have serious issues with needles.  Like passing out, hyperventilating, you get the picture, issues.  When we did the IUI cycle with just a couple of injections last time, the only one we ended up having to do ourselves was the Ovidrel, which was subcutaneous, and I let my husband do it.  He did a really good job, but my nerves were shot by the time he did it because I was so nervous.  I think I am going to try to do it myself but I am not sure if I can do it.  I mean, physically, will I be able to stab myself with a needle.  Then, when we do the trigger, it will be intramuscular.  Yikes!  I did not like the look of that needle or the thought that if he hits a vein, he'll have to try again. 

Anyway, I'll be doing Lupron only until my baseline ultrasound and b/w on Oct. 29.  Then, that night I'll start the stims and still be taking the Lupron.  I am doing one vial of Menopur and Gonal-f.  The nurse taught us how to mix it to where we only have to do one injection.  I should have "freqent" monitoring appointments between 11/2 thru 11/9-11 and my retrieval should be 11/9-11/11.  I warned my boss that my doctor's appointments are going to get even worse than they already were and that if he really wanted to know what was going on I'd tell him but it was super personal and I wasn't sure if he'd want to know.  He didn't ask.  Whew.  I told him I would be out on the entire day of the egg retrieval, but I also told him that it was a procedure for which I'd be under anesthesia so I might be out the next day too.  I will probably take the next day off regardless of how I am feeling because darnit my job is stressful right now and I could use a day off.

Between the increase in my workload at work and the impending daily injections, my stomach hasn't been right since last Friday before our RE appointment.  I have had that nervous feeling constantly ever since. 

Okay, has anyone ever had this one:  the last two  mornings I have woken up and felt like I couldn't keep myself up straight.  My body wants to fall to the left.  I thought it might be stress, fatigue, or hormones (or any combination thereof) or maybe an inner ear infection.  I googled it and it said that it could be the hormones mixed with stress.  I am guessing my BCPs are at fault. 

I am really nervous about the side effects of Lupron.  I am already on edge these days and I hope I don't get myself fired or say something I'll regret to my sweet husband.

Oh, and the RE said that we were required to have a counseling session before we started IVF and let me tell you, it was worthless!  What a waste o $325!  All she did was ask about our TTC journey, our family backgrounds, then a couple of specific questions the RE probably has on a list about how we would handle triplets or the tiny chance that we might have to abort if both my life and the baby's was in danger. 

Okay, this post is ridiculously long.  Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow!


  1. I stressed so much about giving myself injections! I cried and cried before I finally stuck myself. Then I was mad that I was such a big baby over something that I couldn't even feel. LOL!!

    Praying that all goes well and you get your BFP!! I will be following!


  2. Happy ICLW! Glad you guys have a new plan in place! Try not to stress over the injections if you can!

  3. Good luck with the injections! When I first started I was nervous too, but you get used to them. I even miss them sometimes when I am done with them. You can do this! The lupron side effects haven't been that bad for me. I find that they just amplify the moods I have.

  4. I hate needles and was paranoid about the needles when we started IVF. In the end, I was giving myself the injections because it seemed to hurt less. I still hate needles though...

    All the best on your cycle!