Friday, October 22, 2010

Things Are Going...

Well, I have been surviving the injections.  I thought I might try to give myself one, but decided it wasn't a great idea.  My husband has been doing a really good job.  The insulin syringes that came with my Lupron are not the best.  The nurse told us they were dull, but really, why?  Anyway, they have caused a bit of difficulty and trial and error, but he really has done well.  Plus, my husband is so loving.  He always crawls in to bed next to me and rubs my arm and stomach and gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me after he's given me the shot.  I try to behave, I just lay there and close my eyes, but what I really want to do is run from the room.  Oh, and I hold my breathe.  I think that gives him motivation to go more quickly.  They really don't hurt that much, if at all, but I seriously have issues with needles.  It's all in my head.

I was afraid I'd be a crazy person, all angry one second and weepy the next.  I really haven't felt that any more than usual, maybe even less, so I guess that means I am already crazy; or it isn't affecting me.  My acupuncturist told me that Lupron is really a kind of stimulant to your body according to Chinese medicine,  even though it stops everything "down there".  He then said that I might be reacting well because it might be similar to giving a kid with ADHD stimulants to calm them down and allow them to think more calmly and be normal.  Do you think he was inferring that I am high strung?  I'm not sure how I got to be so high strung.  It must have been puberty when it hit because when I was a little girl, I was pretty mellow.

My sister and I are going to a self-defense class at Centennial Olympic Park tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to it.  I just hope she doesn't beat me up.  She's always been a lot more aggressive than me.

Happy ICLW to everyone!  I am off to read some blogs and give some support!


  1. I'm glad the injections are going well.

    Have fun at the self-defense class! I haven't done one of those since I was in middle school.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words. Hope self defense class goes well, I've had the urge to try that recently, maybe it's time I sign up for it! Sounds like an awesome empowering way to gain some control and confidence in this crazy IF land. Hope you have a great time:)

  3. I hope you have a great time at the self defense class! It sounds like a lot of fun!

    Happy ICLW!

  4. So glad things are going well with the injections! Perhaps if you didn't hold your breath though, you'd be less tense. I know with the progesterone shots that's probably more important. I realized that I needed to totally relax in order to have those go in 'smoothly.' Good luck!! Happy ICLW! #72 & 106)