Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's a New Day

I'm sorry I haven't updated.  Work is crazy, to say the least.  I am definitely not pregnant.  AF visited on Tuesday and I called the RE nurse to schedule a consultation.  We have decided to move forward with IVF.  This is not an easy decision as we have been through much study and prayer for over a year to get here (and saving $).  I started BCPs last night.  It could just be a reaction from all the stress I've had this week, or it could be the BCPs, but I feel a little off today.  Mild headache, mild queasiness.  Nothing that really warrants a complaint, but I still feel it.

Well, please keep us in your prayers.  I thought I would feel a lot more emotional, but I feel ready.  Scared to death but ready.  I have serious issues with needles and anything medical-related.  So, I hope I survive.  I felt sad that I have a new nurse for IVF.  If we don't get pregnant and do an FET, I'll get my old nurse back.  I like the new one okay, but I am just not a huge fan of change, really.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Lot's of sales this week.  My husband and I are meeting my sister, her husband and her step-daughter at the corn maze at Cagle's Dairy.  It's supposedly A-maize-ing!  But, we may have to stop at the Loft on the way there or back so that I can check out their $25 sweaters, of which I am in desperate need.

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  1. I'm sorry. I wish this had been the cycle. I'll pray for your IVF.