Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IUI Tomorrow Morning! and a little vent

The appointment on Sunday morning went well.  I have a follicle on each side - 17.66mm on the left and 17.98mm on the right.  I'd rather have more than that, but that's better than we've had in the past.  They gave me a shot of low dose HCG while I was there.  They could not get blood.  They stuck me 4 times in the left arm and couldn't get a good vein in the right so they didn't try (two people).  It was not the normal phlebotomists, so that's probably why.  We triggered Monday night (Ovidrel, thankfully).  The IUI is tomorrow morning.  DH's appointment is at 8am and mine is at 9:30.  I am going to stay home.  I may work some, but I will probably just stay home to do it to avoid any stress in the office.

I feel kind of like I am ovulating.  More than I have in a while.  Last month, I think I felt it, but this month is stronger.  I hope sperm meets egg and they have a happy union for the next 9 months.  DH is cutting up a pineapple for me right now!  I've heard it helps implantation.

There is a girl that sits on the other side of the cubicle wall and she is an attention-seeker.  She listens to her MP3 player all day and "whisper sings" loudly and then she eats lots of hard candy and makes these disgusting sucking sounds.  I have asked her not to sing several times so far (she's only sat there for a month or two) and I am about to have to tell her I can't stand the sucking.  I can't stand it.  I want to throw up every time I hear it.  I like this girl too.  I just think she needs attention so she seeks it in annoying ways like laughing annoyingly loud every time someone IMs her and cussing at people who email her and after she gets off the phone.  Bless her heart.  I just had to get that off my chest.

Okay, off to listen to Circle + Bloom!

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  1. hey there, im a new follower! I too had an IUI (3 actually) and this last one was a success! Wishing you lots and lots of luck!! Keep strong and have lots of faith! everything will be ok =)