Sunday, September 18, 2011

All Over But the Waiting!

We went in on Wednesday for the IUI.  We had to wait a lot longer than we usually do.  I of course had just emptied my bladder before getting undressed, but if I had drank any more water than I had (like I usually do before getting blood drawn), I probably would have had to get dressed and go again.  Well, DH did not go before we went in and he was about to wet his pants before it was all said and done.  :)

Dr. P is really a gentle person, but the speculum seriously felt like it wasn't in right and that my vagina was going to squeeze it right now.  I was having visions of it popping out and smacking him in the face.  Then, he failed to warn me when he was going in with the catheter.  It usually doesn't even hurt and I really didn't expect it to because I felt my cervix that morning and it felt nice and open.  Well, it hurt.  A.Lot.  And, since I wasn't expecting it, it surprised me so much that I screamed out loud and I am fairly certain I tightened every muscle down there and possibly raised my rearend off the table a little bit. By the time I regained control of my mind (because seriously, if I had been expecting it, I would have stayed perfectly still no matter how much it hurt), I relaxed and apologized.  I looked around and the Dr. and MA were both telling me I didn't need to apologize, the MA was reaching towards me, I guess to console me/hold me down, and the Dr. was then apologizing for not warning me.  We were having a good conversation, about what, I cannot remember.  Anyway.  I am sure, for the record, the pain wasn't that bad.  I think mostly it was that not only was I not expecting it to hurt, I wasn't forewarned that he was doing it.  This was my 5th one and the very first one hurt that bad, but it was done by a regular gyn, not an RE and I was seriously uptight.  I felt pretty relaxed except for my worries about the speculum popping out and smacking my RE in the face.

So, he instructed me to be pregnant in 12 days and to take a HPT then.  He also said to go ahead and take 100mg of Endometrin starting Saturday night - every night at bedtime.  So, I started that Saturday night.  I am still following the Circle + Bloom and I do enjoy doing it.  I am not sure I am doing the best job of emptying my mind, but I am doing my best.  If all went as it should, maybe I'll feel some implantation cramping one day later this week. 

My boobs, mainly my nipples, have been very sore since ovulation.  The last time I felt this way was the last time I was doing treatments, so I think it's the hormones they give me. But, this time it feels a lot worse, so maybe that means the hormones are doing a better job?!

I hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Be sure to follow your RE's instructions!! Good luck!

  2. Yaaaaay! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  3. I love the phrasing of him telling you to be pregnant in 10 days! Happy ICLW

  4. I once punched a neurologist because he didn't warn me that he was going to touch my arm. I would hate to see what I would do to my RE if I was in your shoes. I've got my fingers crossed for you! ICLW #43

  5. Good Luck!!! I hope all the boob tenderness is a good sign!!!

    Happy ICLW

  6. Happy ICLW!

    Fingers crossed! I love that he instructed you to be pregnant in 12 days. :) Hope the ovaries and everything involved listened!

  7. over from ICLW. I've worried about it popping out and hitting the doc in the face too--glad I'm not the only one! Hoping you get a strong BFP in the coming days!

  8. Good Luck for the 2ww. I hope you go back with two lines on the HPT.

    I am sorry the procedure was painful this time.

    Take Care!

    iclw #39