Monday, June 20, 2011

Well it's not bad news exactly...

...But it also isn't good news. Apparently they aren't sure what to think. My beta is 1,143. My nurse said that they would like to see it increase by at least 60% every two days, which would have been about 1,200 on Saturday. Well, today is Monday and I am only at 1,143. Dr. P thinks it could be a slow-growing embryo. Bless her heart, my nurse got on the phone and said that she didn't know how to take my results. She did say that the nasty blockage in my vag is normal. After I thought about it I emailed her to tell her that it was black (since I really couldn't say it sitting on the phone in my cubicle) so I couldn't tell if the black was because I was still bleeding or because of residual blood. I also asked about the pain I have been having in one spot at the intersection about one inch from the bend between my abdomen and thigh and halfway between my hip bone and pubic bone. Almost every time I have gas, I also have pain here, so I wasn't sure what was causing it and it wasn't constant. She said that it could be round ligament pain and the fact that it wasn't constant was a good sign to her. She also said that I needed to reach up there and pull as much of that buildup from the Crinone out so that we could see if I was still bleeding and also that if I was bleeding a lot - enough to really be worried - that it would be running down my leg and the Crinone wouldn't be able to "bioadhese" like it has.

So, she really set my mind at ease about those things. I am well aware that the numbers could mean an ectopic pregnancy or one that just won't last. I am still hopeful and still praying. Dr. P wants to do bloodwork again on Wednesday morning. So, that also makes me hopeful. If he thought it was an ectopic, I would think he'd want to do an ultrasound or something, right? Don't they usually want to get those taken care of right away?

What does this all sound like to you? Does anyone have any advice like should I be laying around or being active or is there something I should be eating that you've heard helps the lining thicken and the embryo grow faster?


  1. So it went from 800 thursday to almost 1200 today? Hmmm... It should double every two days! Praying your little bean grows strong! There is really nothing you can do at this point, but wait and see! Hang in there!

  2. Hi, I am a new follower. I always thought that if it was ectopic the numbers were normal and there was pain - try and think positively and I wish you all the very best for Wednesday. I know exactly how hard this waiting and praying and hoping can be. Hugs x

  3. That's encouraging, even if it isn't as good as you hoped.

    There's not a lot you can do or not do, really. Lie around if it makes you feel like you are doing something, but you can certainly go about daily life without feeling like you are going to hurt something.

  4. With my two ectopics (which I know we caught super early) I never had numbers that high...It would be very small increases...maybe one or two points. For example, my first beta was 69 and two weeks later was at its highest of 134. They did treat mine right away with methotrexate both I look at your situation (as frustrating as it is I'm sure) and somewhat encouraging. Also...remember although doubling is considered "normal" not everyone is normal...I am delivering a huge baby this Friday whose beta did not double for whatever reason. Hang in there girl. Praying for you.