Saturday, June 11, 2011

Should I Be Concerned?

I interrupt this blog to reach out for...I don't know what. Advice? Comforting? I don't know. So, I'll get down to it. Be prepared for some serious TMI!

I received a visit from Aunt Flo last Friday (Apr 3). Usually, she sticks around for two days only then I maybe have some little spotting for a couple of days. Every once in a while, I might have a heavy "spot" or two on day 5ish.

Well, this time she visited for 3 full days! I was thinking, Wow! my uterine lining is all happy because I'm so relaxed from my vacation! Then, I had hardly no spotting. Then, yesterday, Friday, day 8, I had cramping. Not the worst cramping like I have every day 1 like clockwork, but maybe a level down from that. When I went to the restroom at the restaurant we went to in Midtown last night, there was a very heavy spot of very dark blood on my underwear! Then, when I got home, there was still plenty of blood. So much that when I stood up, there was blood floating in the water, so I guess I was dripping blood into the toilet! Then, today, I've been having the same situation. Cramping and seriously heavy spotting.

What does this mean? Is this normal? It's not normal for me! Could it be caused by being so hot? I've gained a few pounds lately since vacation and I stopped abstaining from gluten and dairy.  Should I call a doctor or ignore it ans see how long it keeps going on?  Should I start my OPKs on day 10 like normal (I skipped last month since I was cruising)?


  1. If it doesn't get much weirder, I'd say just ignore it. My cycles are weird on occasion. It could be heavy ovulation bleeding, even though it'd be a little early for that. But there are lots of pretty reasonable explanations (one is even stress).

  2. I agree with Jen...unless it gets worse. :)

  3. Thanks y'all! It's still going on. The cramping and the spotting. But, I am going to just wait it out. My stomach hasn't been right either, so maybe they have something to do with each other? Oh well, I know that some people have this kind of craziness all the time.