Saturday, September 25, 2010

IUI Yesterday!

I am feeling very hopeful.  Yesterday I had an IUI done and the conditions were just right!  For my own memory, I am going to walk through my cycle.

First of all, I started seeing a new RE in the middle of my last cycle.  He had me come off some of the supplements that Naturopath/Nutritionist had me on and because I have Hashimoto's disease - which means I have elevated antibodies in my thyroid that think it's a foreign object and try to attack it - he put me on Levothyoxine.  Now, I do not know if any of these things is what cause this, but my cycle lasted 50 days!  I have never skipped a period in my life and the next longest cycle I ever had was probably about 35-36 days.  So, I was concerned, to say the least.  When I got about 5 days past my normal start date (which is usually about day 31), the RE prescribed Prometrium vaginal suppositories.  I took those for 10 days and started 2 days after I had finished the prescription.

Day 1 9/8/10
Day 3 9/10/10 - Come in for baseline u/s; b/w - LH and Estradio; and a pregnancy test - prescribed Letrazole to take days 3-7
Day 8 9/15/10 - Went in for an injection of Menopur (150mg) (I can't do my own injections - fainting would surely follow)
Day 11 9/18/10 - Had an u/s - 2 maturing follicles - one on each side - I believe they were 16mm and 17mm; uterine lining was only 5.12mm, which is not ideal.  Did b/w to test Estradiol and LH and gave me an injection of low-dose HCG to urge my lining to thicken up and my follicles to get a little bigger.  They call me with the results of my b/w and they want to see me again on Monday (Day 13) to do another u/s and possibly more b/w.
Day 13 9/20/10 - u/s showed my lining at 6.56mm and a 18mm and a 19mm follicle.  Looks good but not as great as they'd like.  Do estradiol and LH again to make sure I am not surging.  Nurse calls later in the day wanting me to come in the next day for an injection of Bravelle then have another u/s and possible b/w on Wed.
Day 14 9/21/10 - Bravelle injection
Day 15 9/22/10 - u/s - R follicle 21.46 L follicle 17.46; lining 8.56!  Dr. P wants to wait and have us do the trigger that evening and come in on Friday for the IUI. (We used Ovidrel for the trigger.)
Day 17 9/24/10 - my husband's appointment was at 9:30 and mine was at 11:20.  My sweet hubby stayed to be there with me so that we wouldn't get pregnant while he wasn't even there.  The Dr. was really cool though.  He inserted the little tube then had my hubby push the plunger in.  Then he told my husband that now when the baby cries I have to blame my hubby and not Dr. P.  I thought it was a nice thought.

So, now I wait 10-12 days and take a pregnancy test!  I am praying that I don't have a visit from AF before then.  Dr. P said to come in even if I get a period and they'll do a test to make sure I am not pregnant since our cycle looks so good!

Today, I went to the Resolve Walk of Hope at Piedmont Park and caught up with some girls I went to HS with and met a few new people whose blogs I have read.  One of the ladies actually lives about 10 minutes from me as it turns out!  My RE was there with his dog.  It was interesting to see him out of the office.  I wondered if he'd recognize me with all my clothes on.  ;)  But, he did, of course.

Please be praying that we get good results.  I know that everything works out for the good of God's plans.  His will is always fulfilled.  I just wish I knew what His will was for our life.


  1. It was fabulous to meet you yesterday. We should do something else sometime.

    I really hope your IUI ends with a nice positive result! It's wonderful that everything was looking so good.

  2. (Also, my word verification on my last comment was preg. A sign, perhaps?)