Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello blogging world.  This is my first post on my blog about our journey through infertility.  I feel like we are at a turning point.  We've been through a lot and are seeing an RE once again.  I'd like to catch you all up on our story, the path we've been on thus far.  We are currently "in the closet" with our infertility to most of  our friends and family.  I constantly ask myself why.  I just don't think I could handle getting advice from people who have never been through what we've been through.  I have also read too many of your blogs and am all too familiar with the insensitive things people say to people going through infertility.  The few people that we have told are the ones we knew wouldn't judge us and my three closest girlfriends who I told when we started TTC.  I regret telling one of them.  She just doesn't seem to get it.  Who could.  My next post will be about the beginning of our "Unknown Path."

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