Saturday, September 21, 2013

12 Weeks of Crazy and Wonderful

I am trying to get a post written to tell my birth story. My sweet little girl wakes up when you put her down and can't fall asleep unless nursing or at least being held, shushed, and jiggled. We are bug fans of Happiest Baby On The Block!  I am typing one- handed right now, holding a nursing/sleeping baby.

I need to ask my husband if it is okay to share her name and pictures, so until then, I will call her Miss R.

Miss R eats a lot, but she is not gaining weight at the rate the doctor's want. My lactation consultant thinks she is getting plenty. I go back a week from Monday to get her next round of shots and to have a weight check. So, hopefully she will have gained a good bit but I feel doubtful. Why can't my body do what it needs to do?

I decided to leave my job and stay home with Miss R so I am on my husband's insurance since Sept 1. I still don't have my card, so I have to wait to make an appt with an endocrinologist. I wonder if my thyroid is the problem.

I have just started eliminating dairy from my diet to see if maybe a sensitivity to dairy is causing her to not absorb all her nutrients and gain so slowly. She has the right amount of wet and dirty diapers.

I am hoping not to have to supplement.

I am so in love with this little girl. She is so sweet. She is ahead developmentally, so she's a lot of fun right now.

We are so so thankful for her!


  1. I've been meaning to comment on this! I'm finally at a computer tonight. :) Do you follow Aim High Erin ( Her daughter put on weight slowly in the beginning (she's a little chunky monkey now!). As long as your little girl is having the right amount of dirties and wet you should be okay. Also, make sure your doctor is using the appropriate height/weight chart - they have different ones for breastfed babies. Stick to your guns, mama! It is okay to disagree with your doctor, especially if your lactation consultant has your back!

  2. Michelle, thank you! I am going tomorrow morning with her. It really does help to hear this! I will check out that blog!