Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Midwife Appointment Today

Today was our first appointment with our midwife.  I really liked everyone in the practice including the midwife.  I had a ton of questions and she answered some of the really urgent ones and then asked if we could save the rest for our next appointment which is much longer.  The appointment is next Friday, so I was fine with that.  So, their measurements brought us to June 12 as the EDD b/c they said we were 11w6d, but they didn't say they were changing our previous EDD from the RE of June 15 during the visit.  I guess I'll ask just to make sure on the next visit.

I told my boss and the VP that I work with closely today.  Yesterday, I told one of the men I work with that I feel pretty close to.  He was really excited and shared some of what he and his wife did and how much he loved being a parent - his kids are grown and married and they are hoping to have grandchildren soon.  It was very encouraging. 

So, here are some ultrasound pics from today.  At first I was really nervous that the baby wasn't moving, but then the lady doing the ultrasound pointed out that we could see the heart moving.  Whew!  Then, she had me cough and suddenly the baby jolted awake and was super active.  We could see that while the baby was sleeping, his little hand was up over his face and then when he woke up, we saw both arms and legs flailing around.  It was very sweet.  Of course, I say "he" in the generic sense because I don't want to say "it" or "the baby" all the time.  We are still not planning to find out the gender of the baby before birth.


  1. Oh my gosh! So exciting! Its a lil baby now!!! Very cute!!

  2. I am so glad your first appt with your midwife went well. Love the baby picture- glad to hear it is all going smoothly :)