Friday, November 18, 2011


Hi Y'all! 

It seems like I am not a very good blogger.  Things have been so busy between work, church, and preparing for our Bible study, that I haven't had much time to blog.  And, I have been pretty down lately, so I haven't had the inclination to blog. 

So, we have taken this month off.  I have been taking the chewable "stress and adrenal" pills from my chiropractor.  I didn't bother doing the little pee sticks for ovulation this month.  I have been having cramps since Wednesday.  I had some spotting on the night before, though.  My DH thought it might be implantation bleeding because it was so early in the month and without all the drugs, I usually have a 33 day cycle.  Tuesday was day 22 of my cycle.  I took a HPT on Wednesday morning and it was negative.  Of course, if I am still on track for a 33-day cycle, then it would be too early for accurate results, I guess.  I have had cramping off and on and light to medium spotting ever since.  I felt sure I'd get the visit from AF every day, but haven't. We are planning to do an IUI this cycle, if we are able to with our clinic's schedule.  They close for a week every December for a deep cleaning in the lab.  I really don't want AF to come so early, though, because we are going to Charleston with my sister and BIL the weekend of Thanksgiving and I don't know how we'd explain the need to bring a cooler, syringes, and injectable meds that have to be refrigerated with us. 

I figure if we've gone this long w/o spilling the beans, I really would like to be pregnant or have made the decision that we're just not having kids before telling them.  I so want them to all be surprised when we make our announcement!

Work is really getting crazy with my company going through an acquisition as the acquiree.  People in my area are dropping like flies.  We've finally started talking about our Christmas shopping.  Usually I am almost done by now.  We went looking for a new artificial tree a couple of weeks ago, then decided we'd look a few more places and have never been back to the store to look.  All the good ones will be bought if we keep dragging our feet.  Have you started/finished your shopping or thought about decorations yet?

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