Wednesday, March 13, 2013

26 Weeks and Counting

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well.  I am just moving right along with this pregnancy.  The baby is just kicking away.  I had another appointment with my midwife about 3 weeks ago and have another one this Friday, which will include my glucose screening.  At the last appointment, she measured my belly for the first time.  I was right at 24 weeks and measured 26 cm.  She said that they give you a leeway of 2 cm either way before they start to feel concerned.  I wonder how I will measure up this time.  The baby did just have a serious growth spurt.  I had a cold one week where I had a fever for about 12 hours and wasn't feeling like eating a lot, so I lost about a pound that week.  Then, when I weighted myself the next week, I had gained 3 pounds!  Yikes!  I weighed myself this morning and I haven't gained any since that last time where I'd gained 3 pounds.  My total weight gain so far is about 17 pounds.

I am still enjoying being pregnant!  I have started to feel a bit tired sometimes and I am still having round ligament pains.  They seem to be multiplying.  Almost every time I stand up after sitting for any amount of time (like maybe 30 min or more), I have pains under my belly on each side.  If I stand up for too long, my right side near/under my rib hurts.  I originally thought something had gotten jammed up in there, but now I think there is something stretching from the weight of my belly.  It goes away if I sit down usually.  But, sometimes if I can't sit down, it will spread to the same location on my back.  I have had pain around my belly button off and on, but today I really wasn't sure I would be able to stand up all the way it hurt so bad just above my belly button.  I am not sure if it hurt that bad or if it was just a scary feeling like I was going to pull something.  I am mainly listing these so I don't forget.  They aren't terrible and they aren't constant.

I have had some swelling in my ankles, feet, and hands.  I had some a few weeks ago in both ankles and feet and it went away mostly except some in my left ankle and foot - but not much.  Suddenly this week it is back with a vengeance and my fingers are a bit swollen.  Ick.  One benefit is the ease of shaving when your ankle bones are sticking out, though.  I am definitely going to ask about it.  I took pictures.  I mean, they say you shouldn't worry unless it's excessive.  Well, how much is excessive?  And, if one leg is swollen but not the other, you may have a blood clot.  I read that this morning on google.  Great.  Thankfully, my face is not swelling. 

I will have to post some belly pics when I can get some loaded on my computer.  I haven't really widened out any that I can tell.  My belly is all in the front.  It is kind of amazing how large it looks. 

I love watching my belly jump around as the baby kicks.  A lot of times, the left side of my belly is bigger than the right side.  I am guessing the baby hangs out over there more.

I'll update again soon, hopefully, with a report from my midwife visit, glucose screening, and some pics!

Take care!

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