Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great Report Yesterday

I went to the RE yesterday to get my HCG levels checked.  I went ahead and laid down for the blood draw, just in case and I didn't feel faint at all!  Yay!

Anyway, my HCG is 618!  That's way more than the minimum of doubling twice that I was hoping for.  My nurse said that based on the level, though, I ovulated way late (which is not surprising to me based on what I know of last month).  So, she doesn't want to schedule the ultrasound too early and not be able to hear a heartbeat.  So, we have it set up for 10/24.  Eek!  She said that there is no need to come back for another HCG check until then. 

Oh.My.Goodness!  Y'all, I have an ultrasound scheduled to look at our BABY!!!!

I am still feeling good.  No real symptoms as of yet...

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