Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still Here...

So, there hasn't really been a lot going on in the fertility corner for us lately.  We had a phone consultation with a Reproductive Immunologist in Chicago that my RE recommended. I am very nervous about her office because they seem very unorganized.  We had the records from my RE's office mailed from there and the records that we had already collected ourselves from every other doctor/specialist/naturopath, my hubby scanned and emailed to them.  We had to fill out medical history forms online and print a different form and write the answers in, sign them, and scan and email them to them.  We get on the phone and she doesn't have the records from my RE.  They were at a completely different office (this practice has several offices).  I felt like that was kind of a huge oversight.  Also, it was very clear that she had not bothered to review any of the records we'd emailed over OR either of the redundant forms that both my husband and me had filled out!  She asked me to list out to her the medicines I was taking.  That is a long list and I told her that I had put that on BOTH of the forms I'd already sent to her and she said, why don't you tell me now.  Then, she once she FINALLY got my records, she realized that there was another test we needed done and she really couldn't answer any of my questions until that one was done.  She didn't explain to me how that would work out since obviously I live in GA and they are in IL.  I thought she was going to send an order to my RE for the bloodwork.  Two days later, a box shows up at my house (with the word Infertility on there more than once, BTW) with the little blood collection vials.  I call my RE's office to make my blood draw appointment and they aren't sure what I need done and can I please call the Chicago Dr. back and verify.  Grrr...So, I finally get someone with a brain that informs me that my Dr. has a nurse.  Thank goodness.  So, I call the office where the nurse is and she actually comes to the phone.  Wow.  She knows exactly who I am and is all "I didn't have your insurance information" so she said I'd have to send payment with the test.  No, I have insurance and filled out that information on BOTH of the forms we gave to you, even though your office will not file with my insurance for me, which pretty much means I will never get that money back.  So, I give her my insurance information and she explains what to do with the box.  I still have not tried to file the claim by the way.  Guess I should do that.

So, that was SEVERAL weeks ago and I have not heard back from the Reproductive Immunologist's office.  I finally had free time at lunch today and called the nurse's office.  Apparently they don't believe in voicemail because the front desk, person said my nurse was seeing a patient and took a message manually.  I never heard back.  If I ever get to speak to this nurse again, I will ask her how I can call and leave her a voicemail without having to worry about whether or not the person who answered the phone actually gave her my message or if she's just not calling me.

I am still taking the jillion pills a day the my RE recommended to boost my immune health.  I don't think that it's helping.  I am trying to diet again and not feeling the motivation I had before.  So, I am not eating right either and I don't know  if it's these supplements, the Prozac, my diet, or just life in general, but I am TIRED all the time.  Like, I keep falling asleep in my boss's office tired.  Like, I have almost fallen asleep on the way home from work and on the way to work tired. 

So, it seems like lots of people are having babies.  All our friends that we see regularly have babies or kids now.  Sigh.  I am tired of feeling left behind.  I know that God has a plan for us.  I wish I felt like I knew what my purpose in life was.

For now, so long.  I'll update if I ever hear back from this RE.

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