Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The End...and Possibly the Beginning

Last Friday's bloodtest turned out to have a negative Beta.  By Sunday, I finally stopped spotting.  I'm so thankful.  The nurse informed me that she has no idea when I'll get my next period and it will possible be horribly heavy and painful and probably disgusting.  Has anyone else experienced that in their first period after a miscarriage?  How long did it take for AF to come back for you.  And, she also said that Dr. P is ready for us to come back for our second round of IVF.  I was quite surprised because I had planned to ask her for a consultation with him once the tests were negative, but I was going to ask him what we should do next.  I mean, if we can get pregnant on our own, should we just wait and see?  Why does he want us to do IVF?  So, I asked her to set us up an appointment for the Friday after we file our 10-Q at work.  I figured that way if we do decide to start a cycle then, it will be a little less stressful.  Of course, we'll be kicking off the budget process, but I have been doing a pretty good job, I think, of not being so stressed at work.  I think I might look into getting some meditation downloads.  I have heard a lot of people talk about doing the Circle + Bloom stuff, so maybe I will research that.  But, I don't want to feel stressed because I didn't take the time out of a day to do the meditation.  We will see.  I want to hear what he has to say first.

So, it's the end of a pregnancy and miscarriage, but possibly the beginning of our next steps.  I am excited to start doing something. I have been praying really hard for God to lead us in these next steps.


  1. It's sounds like you have things in perspective. Good luck and baby dust!

  2. I'm so sorry you've had to go through this. Honestly, I've been through too many 1st periods after miscarriages and none of them were any worse than my normal periods. I hope you have success soon and have a happily ever after with a baby.

    ICLW #13

  3. Im so sorry to hear about this.. I too have just experienced my 1st miscarriage and am waiting for my first period to arrive. I have been told that they can take up to 4 weeks to return depending if your cycle is regular!? Mines not regular so im not sure when I will get mine! I was also told that the 1st period will be alot heavier and worse then normal by my Obs as well. I have although heard mixed stories from different women, so I think it depends on the person.

    Wishing you all the luck and sending you lots of hugs. I look forward to following your journey.

    ICLW #115

  4. I'm so, so sorry to hear of your loss :( My first period after a miscarriage came quickly, within days of stopping the progesterone suppositories. Unfortunately it was heavier, but I've heard it's different for everyone.

    Again, I'm very sorry. Praying for you.

    ICLW #5

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad that your betas are finally negative and you sound like you're approaching things with a good outlook. Now if only AF would arrive, right?

    AF after any of my losses wasn't really any different. I was always spotting before a loss began so it didn't take all that long for AF to show (but I know timewise, I was one of the lucky ones). I hope she gets here soon.


  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. After my first m/c, my period started about 6 weeks later and with my second, it was a chemical pregnancy so it kind of just continued on for me. I hope AF shows up for you soon.

    ICLW #54

  7. I found your blog through ICLW.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I had an early miscarriage in January. I personally ovulated 19 days after bleeding began and got AF 8 days after that. For me AF was a little heavier than usual, with more clots. I also cramped a lot more. Every woman is different though. I hope that this process is at least as physically gentle to you as possible, because I know it's very difficult mentally.

    I wish you the best of luck in the future!

  8. I'm sorry for your loss and wish you luck in your next cycle. My first cycle was a chemical pregnancy (what a stupid name!) and next period was only slightly worse than normal. Wishing you the best.

    ICLW #69

  9. You know, I can't say that my periods were any heavier after my miscarriages, but they were really irregular. It was hard for me to get back on a regular cycle after that. So sorry for your loss - I'm glad you have good things and a plan on the horizon.

    ICLW #104

  10. Hello from ICLW! I am sorry for your loss. I know how hard it must be. BUT, I wish you nothing but luck on your next cycle, no matter which route you decide to try. Chin up! You have a lot of support behind you.

    ICLW #114