Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Lines

I mentioned in my last post that I'd been seeing the Chiropractor.  When I went, the Chiropractor listened to where my pains were (I have lots) and felt around an informed me that the area of my lower back that has been causing me pain for a couple of years, which had several vertebrae out of place, is where all the nerves are that control my reproductive organs!  Wow.  Of course he said that he can't promise that it will help my infertility but they can definitely help with my pain.  I've been going for about 3 weeks now and I feel much better.  I went for my first adjustment on a Thursday then started AF over the same weekend and had absolutely no cramps.  That is a major hurdle in and of itself.  Then, at the request of my husband, I have been doing the OPK strips (the cheap-o's) this month.  Today was day 18 and I got two dark lines!  Yay!  I have not really, for sure, ovulated on my own in a long time.  I mean, before I would sometimes get a faint line or a "maybe that's as dark as the control line, but I'm not sure" line.  And, always day 18-19, which is probably a little late - but my cycle last 30-32 days generally.  But, this morning it was for sure two lines the same darkness!  So, what did I do...I woke my husband up to inform him!  He certainly didn't mind. ;)

So, even though I know that you can get a positive and not ovulate and you can get a negative and still ovulate with those OPKs, that's still better than many of the tests I have done in the past.  I also am very aware that I could have been ovulating all along and getting a fertilized egg all along and the poor things have been dying b/c my ovaries suck the life out of them before they are even released.  Or, probably my lining isn't thick enough b/c my estrogen is crazy, so they may not be properly implanting.  So, I am not getting my hopes up, but this is definitely a positive sign!  Yay!


  1. Hooray for two CLEAR lines! I'm so whacked out, I always got so excited about them, too. Fingers crossed and prayers whispered for you.

  2. Yeah! The only time I did OPK and got a clear line (I did them plenty of other times and got no clear answer), I got pregnant. So I will keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Dropping by for ICLW!

    Hooray for the 2 lines on the OPK!! Now all you can do is try! :)

    Sounds like you have been on a huge journey through TTC land. I hope that your BFP is not too far away. xx

  4. Those OPK's drove me nuts! But I did end up with some clear positives... the only positives I would see so I loved it! LOL.

    Good luck this cycle!

  5. Chiropractic is amazing! I never would have made it through my pregnancy without my chiropractor.


  6. I hate those dang OPK's - I think I spent a small fortune on them! But I am happy for you that you got 2 strong lines!